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The Structure of Wine

Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing a series on the structural elements of wine for the Rambling Epicure blog. I’ve assembled the seven posts here as a series of links, which constitutes a concise overview of the elements … Continue reading

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Top 10 wine grapes

What are your top ten grape varieties? It’s an academic question but one that throws into focus why it is we like the wines we like. My consideration of the question is split into whites and reds available on the Rambling … Continue reading

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The universe in a glass of wine

Richard Feynman was one of the twentieth century’s greatest physicists and free-thinkers. Here’s his take on wine, illustrated by the folks at Zen Pencils, from whom you can buy prints.

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Wine bottle shapes

Have you every wondered why a standard wine bottle is 750mL? Or why wine bottles are the shape they are? My curiosity was recently piqued by David Ling at Hugel in Alsace when he uncovered a few tidbits. 750mL is … Continue reading

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Oxford at the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

At the end of June a team of blind tasters – Neel Burton, Henry Little and myself – travelled to Bordeaux to represent Oxford University in the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup. The LBBC (as it is affectionately known) is the … Continue reading

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Wines of Iberia

If you’ve read my previous posts on deciphering wine labels from France and Italy, you’ll have noticed a trend in the way wines from these two nations are classified. They are generally split into ‘Quality Wine‘ and ‘Table Wine‘. Further … Continue reading

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Restless Bandol – Domaine Tempier

I’ve been rather busy of late working on a number of other projects, including the Oxford Wine Academy, confirming the term card for the Oxford Blind Tasting Society, and my PhD. However, here’s a brief description of the fascinating Domaine … Continue reading

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