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Acidity, Alcohol & Sugar

We’re moving on to structure in the Oxford Course on Blind Tasting. The structure of a wine is generally a more reliable indicator for identification of a wine. Structural elements of a wine are present on the palate and don’t … Continue reading

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The Approach: Red wine in the glass (Part I)

To follow up on my posts on the initial requirements for examining a wine blind, and the general appearance of white wine in the glass, this third ‘Approach’ post will deal with observing red wines in the glass and what … Continue reading

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Complexity and age

As with people, wines generally become more complex and interesting with age. Red wines will typically age better and for longer than whites, although there are some wonderful examples of whites that age well, in particular white Bordeaux and the … Continue reading

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Jargon Buster 1

I can already tell that some of the jargon inherent in wine writing might take its toll on some readers relatively new to the subject. It took me a while to get to grips with what people were talking about … Continue reading

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