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A brief introduction to fine wine at Lincoln College

I recently presented a tasting for the Lincoln College graduate students. We covered three different white wines, three reds and a dessert wine, all tasted blind to begin with. Here’s a précis of some of the tasting information covered along … Continue reading

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The art of tasting wine

I’m now reworking, reposting and writing some new material for an international food and beverage site: The Rambling Epicure. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to post to the Oxford Wine Blog (more so once my PhD thesis is safely tucked away in … Continue reading

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Getting more out of your wine

An academic article titled Wine Expertise Predicts Taste Phenotype was recently published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture. It received a lot of attention in the press mainly due to the finding that those who gravitate towards wine … Continue reading

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Should we write about wines we don’t like?

For a while now I’ve been slightly annoyed by the conventional 20- or 100-point scales used frequently in the wine media to rank or rate a wine. Yes, I can understand that with a commodity as complex and hugely varied … Continue reading

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Launch of the Oxford Course on Wine

I first started this blog as I was becoming interested in blind wine tasting. The main focus of this blog was to promote education about wine in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. The wine business is complicated, with a history … Continue reading

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Wines of Alsace

In the 18 months or so that I have been blind tasting, I have occasionally seen a (generally more-experienced) taster stick their nose into a glass and exclaim, “Smells Alsatian“. They then have a taste, swirl the wine around their … Continue reading

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It’s all in the vine

I recently attended a tasting at the Oxford Wine Circle presented by Christophe Bristiel from Château La Nerthe. La Nerthe is one of the foremost producers in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the famous appellation in the southern Rhône. Other than producing fantastic wine, … Continue reading

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