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Champagne: Method of Production

by Neel Burton and James Flewellen Following previous posts on the history of champagne and the geography of the Champagne region, in this article we cover the method of champagne production. ——————————————————————————————————– Like many sparkling wines, champagne is produced by the traditional or classic … Continue reading

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Champagne: The lie of the land

by Neel Burton and James Flewellen Last week’s post gave a historical overview of champagne. In this article we cover the geographical nature of the Champagne region including grape varieties grown. Next week we will focus on the method of champagne production. … Continue reading

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A brief history of champagne

by Neel Burton and James Flewellen Early sparkling wines were produced by the méthode ancestrale, with the carbon dioxide gas arising from fermentation in the bottle. The méthode ancestrale is still used in certain parts of France such as in Gaillac and Limoux … Continue reading

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Grower Champagne: Désir de Matthieu

Most champagnes you see in stores on the export market are grandes marques – big brands from houses that buy in most of their grapes from an army of small landowners and grape growers in the Champagne region. There are also a few … Continue reading

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New World Traditional Method Sparkling Wines

This post follows my summary of European non-champagne traditional method sparkling wines. Traditional method sparkling wines are also made in many New World wine-producing countries. Much of the initial catalysis for these wines came from Champagne houses setting up off-shoots … Continue reading

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Traditional Method Sparkling Wines of Europe

The “traditional method” of making sparkling wine, so famously popularised through Champagne, has found emulation in many other regions of Europe and the New World. Indeed, some regions of France lay claim to a history of making sparkling wine in … Continue reading

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Interesting Western Australians

I’m currently in Perth, Western Australia, spending the Christmas break with my parents, who have recently moved here. I’m discovered some interesting, and unusual, wines that don’t really get out on the export market to the UK. First up is … Continue reading

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Pol Roger bottling line

Thanks to the comment of a regular reader, I have succeeded in uploading a couple of videos of the Pol Roger bottling plant in action. My first post on the industrial champagne-making process can be read here. The first video … Continue reading

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Six wines for summer

Summer is for sparkling and fresh and fruity whites (amongst other things!).  Here are six wines we had at a recent “summer wines” blind tasting. Prosecco Valdobbiadene Extra Dry N.V. (Vettori). Sparkling wine, Veneto, Northern Italy. Very pale lemon in … Continue reading

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Oxford Blind Tasting Team Victorious at SPIT Competition

The end of April saw Oxford University send a team of three blind tasters to compete in the Sciences Po International Tasting (SPIT) Competition held at Maison Bollinger in Aÿ, Champagne. The competition was perfectly timed for an escape from … Continue reading

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