My Guide to Wine

ConciseWineCoverThe Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting, co-authored with Neel Burton, is our approach to demystifying the world of wine, with a particular focus on blind tasting. We wrote this while studying for our Level 4 WSET Diploma with this syllabus in mind, although we intend the book to be accessible to everyone with a growing interest in wine. We’ve drawn on our experiences as blind tasters, educators and wine lovers to make the book as informative and clear as possible. The book was released in March 2014 and was awarded a Gourmand ‘Best in World’ award. Available through Amazon (including Kindle) and good booksellers.



From the back cover: This clear and concise primer provides detailed coverage of all the major wine styles and regions, together with notes on the history of wine, viticulture, winemaking, and blind tasting. It seeks throughout to examine in what ways a given wine is unique and different from other, similar wines. For example, why and in what ways is Paula, in Bordeaux, different from Pomerol, also in Bordeaux? Why and in what ways is Mosel Riesling different from Riesling from the Rheingau, or the Nahe, or Alsace, Austria, or Australia? This book is dedicated to all wine lovers, and should prove particularly useful to competitive blind tasters, higher level and diploma students, winemakers, wine traders, and sommeliers.



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