Restless Bandol – Domaine Tempier

Domaine Tempier '92

I’ve been rather busy of late working on a number of other projects, including the Oxford Wine Academy, confirming the term card for the Oxford Blind Tasting Society, and my PhD.

However, here’s a brief description of the fascinating Domaine Tempier I had recently.

Tempier is in the Bandol appellation – a subregion of Provence between Marseille and Toulon. Bandol wines are generally dominated by Mourvèdre (at least 50% by law, though typically a lot higher) which creates dark, brooding, intense wines.

This wine, Domaine Tempier 1992, was indeed brooding and intense; however, I was surprised at how light the wine was in the glass – a fairly transparent purple, with a long gradient sliding to ruby. The nose was very concentrated and incredibly restless: the aromas shifted with every intake of breath, and stewed plums, violets, licorice, caramel, cumin and malt all made an appearance.

On the palate I was struck by the soft but on-coming, engaging tannins – they took an age to fade away. The body was surprisingly light and the alcohol only registering as ‘medium’; the bottle stated 13% – I feel that more recent vintages would be wearing a lot more alcoholic heat. While the nose really sang for me, the palate was still pleasant and engaging. The wine had a long, savoury finish.

All in all a very surprising wine, and delightfully so!



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Dr James Flewellen is a biophysicist, award-winning wine writer and educator based in London. Keep up to date with his writings and tastings at
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