Appearance follow up

To help out with the colour descriptions mentioned in recent posts on the appearance of white and red wines I searched for a visual colour guide online.

I couldn’t find a decent free one unfortunately. You could try this one from Riedel (with a grain of salt).

If you want to shell out for a proper one, you could try here or here. This one (bottom of page) looks really good, though I can’t find where to buy it from.


About James

James Flewellen is a biophysicist at the University of Oxford. He has competed for the University in international blind tasting competitions and won several awards. In addition, James is a wine educator and wine writer, most recently co-authoring "The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting". He also writes for the international gastronome site "The Rambling Epicure", and can be contacted for wine consultancy and educational courses through the "Oxford Wine Academy".
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3 Responses to Appearance follow up

  1. Neel Burton says:

    Here’s a business idea for you…

  2. beyondanomie says:

    You can find that last chart available for sale at Bouchard Aine et Fils’ website for a mere 10 Euros (they’re listed as the patent holder, so I just looked up their website and there it was):

    Seems like they also do a nose one too.

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