Appearance follow up

To help out with the colour descriptions mentioned in recent posts on the appearance of white and red wines I searched for a visual colour guide online.

I couldn’t find a decent free one unfortunately. You could try this one from Riedel (with a grain of salt).

If you want to shell out for a proper one, you could try here or here. This one (bottom of page) looks really good, though I can’t find where to buy it from.


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Dr James Flewellen is a biophysicist, award-winning wine writer and educator based in London. Keep up to date with his writings and tastings at
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3 Responses to Appearance follow up

  1. Neel Burton says:

    Here’s a business idea for you…

  2. beyondanomie says:

    You can find that last chart available for sale at Bouchard Aine et Fils’ website for a mere 10 Euros (they’re listed as the patent holder, so I just looked up their website and there it was):

    Seems like they also do a nose one too.

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